Three Wishes Grain Free Cinnamon Os Cereal

Wish, granted. They say good things come in threes - as luck would have it so did we - and then we had Jonah and things got even sweeter. Our family wished for a cereal that everyone in the house could love. Imagine a tasty cereal that's a good source of protein and is made with wholesome ingredients. Until now, most cereals have been made from grains. We had a different vision- one that uses nutrient rich, plant based ingredients. Although it took a little more than just wishing, the cereal of our dreams is here. No rice. What, did you run out of cereal? No one ever comes this way. Guess you're just that special. Speaking of which, there's something special about our first flavor, cinnamon. We know what you're thinking: you can’t pick a favorite child. Our dad and co-founder Ian, loves all out flavors dearly, but his first-born cereal will always have a special place in his heart. Inspired by the naughty, super-sugary cinnamon cereals he grew up on in the 90s,cinnamon was our take on an old-school classic (but better). And we think we did a dung good job. The Wishes women owned.