Privacy Policy

People’s aims to provide a safe, welcoming, dignified space for our customers to shop. As part of that we will work to protect your confidentiality & privacy where appropriate, therefore:

  • People’s brochures and website provide information about the benefits and expectations of member-owners as well as the services that the Co-op provides.
  • We only solicit information that the Co-op needs in order to conduct regular business and planning.
  • Member’s personal/sensitive information (address, phone number & email, purchase/patronage point record, HOO/Members’ skills information) will only be used for necessary business purposes and only those authorized persons that need access to information to do their jobs will have access.
  • When we collect demographic information, it is optional and will be protected as anonymous.
  • We will never share or sell any members’ or customers’ personal contact information.

Our Marketing & Membership Manager is available to hear & resolve any possible concerns that may arise regarding protections under this policy. If you have questions or concerns you are welcome to email