Psagot Vineyards Sinai

Unassuming but distinctive, the grapes are harvested from vineyards located in the northern mountains of a height of 900 meters, Sinai is a refreshing, fruity and beautifully balanced wine. Terroir: A sense of place, terroir represents the environmental conditions (soil, climate) in which grapes are grown that give a wine its unique flavor, Psagot wines strive to represent the unique terroir of the Jerusalem, mountains. Winery: Situated in the northern Jerusalem mountain range in an area renowned for centuries for its superb grape growing, and winemaking; Psagot Winery strives to combine the winemaking traditions of the past with the most modern technology of today. Coin: The coin on the front label is a replica of a coin from the period of the great Revolt (66-73 CE) which was discovered while excavating the cave that would become the winery's barrel room the inscription is of amphora - an ancient vessel for wine storage. - Sam Soraka - Winemaker.