Garden in a Jar Basil Ea

Grow organic basil right out of this can. Biochar Technology Inside: Harvest for months (no drainage holes or transplanting needed). We're two guys who turned down the corporate world after college to instead become full-time urban mushroom farmers. Along the way, we started asking about where the rest of our food comes from and created this garden-in-a-can to hopefully inspire you to ask the same question! - Much love, Alejandro and Nikhil. AMS 5060. Certified organic by Ecocert ICO, LLC. Potting mix made of 100% organic materials. Fund good jobs. 100% recyclable and printed with vegetable ink. Certified B Corporation. Grow one, give one share your photo at and we'll donate a can to an elementary school classroom of your choice! Organic Basil Large Leaf: Net Wt.: 30 mg. No ergot or sclerotia found. Meets Canada No. 1 requirements. Seed has been preconditioned for moisture content and hermetically sealed.