Plant Boss Organic Plant Crumbles Mildtaco

Replaces 1 lb ground meat. Prepare it fresh - sooo easy! Your plant-based happy place! Behold the power of plant-based foods: to satisfy our hunger, nourish our bodies and safeguard our planet. Plant Boss meals are proof. Crafted with meatless crumbles made from organic yellow peas grown in North America, 10,000% meat-free and overflowing with amazing flavor. Plant Boss mild plant taco features organic meatless crumbles with a mild blend of organic seasonings, including chile pepper, onion and paprika. Zero soy, 15 g of protein per serving and super-easy to prepare - best tacos ever! Enjoy Plant Boss plant taco in tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, salads and everywhere else. The mighty plant-based meal starts here! About Us: Plant Boss meals are made by Frontier Co-op, a small Iowa cooperative founded in 1976. We love plants! We are committed to plants for a healthier world and are very excited to bring you these organic plant-based meal starters. Meatless crumbles.