White Cheddar Boomchickapuff 4 Oz

Cheesy does it. Get your snackpuffery on. 150 calories per serving. About 21 pieces per serving. See nutrition information for fat content. 0 grams trans fat. Certified gluten-free. Non-GMO corn. Quinoa. Sorghum. Our totally fantastical baked ancient grain puffs. It's Boom Chicka Pop, puffed. It's obsessively noshable with a fairy snackmother dusting of deliciousness. Angie's Boom Chicka Puff elevates the airy wonder of classic puffs with the ancient grain superpower of quinoa and sorghum. Voila. It's snackpuffery perfected. Unicorn air guitar happiness inside. Always real. Kosher. Dairy. 0 g trans fat. Non-GMO corn & ancient grains. Boom Chicka Puff by Boom Chicka Pop. BoomChickaPuff.com.