Chuao Firecracker Bar

Gourmet chocolate experience. Chef: Michael Antonorsi. Crafted with joy. The Experience: Get ready to stop, drop, and savor. Silky dark chocolate, a dash of chipotle and a sprinkling of sea salt come together in a scintillating sizzle until - popping candy explodes for the ultimate surprise! Start a party in your mouth with the Firecracker bar. Welcome to the wild side of chocolate. At Chuao, we say if it's not a wow, it's not a Chew-wow! My Story: In my 30's I left a tech career in Venezuela to chase my passion for food, all the way to culinary school in Paris. Now, as a chocolatier, I have the privilege of living out my joy by crafting delicious, premium chocolate experiences for you. I hope they make you smile, maybe even giggle, so you'll share the joy too. Together, let's make the world an even sweeter place. With gratitude, Chef Michael Antonorsi. Master Chocolatier. Get poppin'. Dark chocolate bar. Signature collection. Fair Trade Certified Ingredients.