Chocolove Milk Chocolate

Chocolove® Milk Chocolate. 33% cocoa content. Belgian chocolate. Pure milk chocolate. Xoxox. Creamy Belgian milk chocolate from a blend of Javanese and African cocoa beans. Sweetness transitions to creaminess, then to caramel-like flavors, and finishes with a light cocoa aftertaste. The unique flavor of Javanese cocoa beans makes this a great-tasting, high cocoa content milk chocolate. This bar is made with cocoa certified by IMO as for life which means it was farmed in a socially responsible and ethical manner. All of the cocoa bean derived ingredients in this chocolate are certified For Life. For Life: 33% for life certified content. Milk: From a health. I fill this cup to one made up of loveliness alone, A woman, of her gentle [nature] the seeming paragon; To whom the better elements and kindly stars have given A form so fair, that, like the air, 'tis less of earth than heaven. Her every tone is music's own, like those of morning birds, And something more than melody dwells ever in her words; The coinage of her heart are they, and from her lips each flows As one may see the burthened bee forth issue from the rose... -Edward Coate Pinkney. Call toll-free 1.888.CHOCOLOVE.