Granola Chocolate Raspberry 12 Oz

The forbidden flavor. Intended for immature audiences. Love at first bite. There once lived a regular guy. And he fell in love with a beautiful princess. He knew she was passionate about nutrition, but he suspected she had other desires. Could he ever win her heart? They agreed to meet in the royal raspberry patch at midnight. By moonlight, he presented her with his masterpiece: dark chocolate granola. She looked into his eyes and knew he was done sowing his wild oats. Overcome by hunger, the princess took one crunchy bite and swooned! She gave him a crown and a seat at the royal throne. You don't have to choose between delicious and nutritious. We use all-natural ingredients to satisfy your cravings. May you fall in love with this granola, and live crappily ever after. - Brian & Andrea Strom. There's more to love. Visit our website at Made in Ely, Minnesota.