Birch Benders Blueberry Pancake Mix

Makes 23 medium pancakes. Made with real whole blueberries. Cholesterol free. Dairy free. Fat free. 0 g trans fat. BPA free. Just add water. Naturally delicious. Nutritious. Delicious. We love blueberries. In pies. In pancakes. And right off the bush. They're a highlight of summer, and now you can enjoy them year around. We use real, whole, juicy blueberries to make sure these pancakes taste their berry best! We couldn't be more thrilled to share them with you. What is Birch Bending? Birch bending, like pancake making, is a great American tradition. Birches are slender yet supple trees that will bend down and return you to the ground when you climb them, like a fishing pole under the weight of a catch. As a young boy in Maine, our founder Matt spent his summer bending birches. Years later, he would carry that same playful spirit to the love of pancake-making, and eventually, to the brand he hoped to share with the world. After all, as Robert Frost said in his poem Birches. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches. Product of USA.