Cereal Raisin Bran Org 11 Oz

At Attune Foods what matters most is what's inside.We believe if you use quality ingredients that are consistently crafted with care, what results is food that is delicious and nutritious.Attune Foods is committed to bringing you food that you feel good about eating and sharing with friends and family. Peace Cereal® are not just delicious cereals, but they are made from quality ingredients, such as whole grains, seeds, nuts and fruits to deliver the fiber and protein you need. By effectively combining the finest ingredients with uncompromising taste and regular giving to worthy causes, Peace Cereal® truly delivers Peace of Mind in Every Bite!If you like raisins and bran flakes, you are going to love Peace Cereal® Organic Raisin Bran!Enjoy a bowl for morning breakfast, a quick afternoon boost or a delicious evening snack. Giving BackGiving back is an important ingredient in Peace Cereal! On top of great tasting whole grains, nuts, and fruits, Peace Cereal has been giving back since our first carton was produced over 20 years ago.