Cascadian Farm Organic Raisin Bran Cereal

Working with NatureNon-GMO ProjectHow we grow our food matters to us. With every one of our products certified to USDA organic standards, you know our ingredients come from farming practices that work in harmony with nature and do not use genetic engineering (GMOs) or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We've also taken the additional step of certifying this product through the Non-GMO Project verification process. This seal provides additional assurance that this product is made without GMOs. It's food just the way it should be. Cascadian Farm Profile HighlightName: Jim MeyerHead Farmer, Cascadian Farm Home Farm 1990–2015Organic Farming:I'm passionate about organic farming because it's all about working with nature. By farming organically, we get food the way nature intended.As an Organic farmer for 40 years, I rely on beneficial insects living on the farm for pest management as opposed to using insecticides. This way, I am working with nature to produce good, clean food. Non-GMO 17g Whole Grain per Serving** Non-GMO Project Verified