Chardonnay Dill Creamy Pasta Ent 10 Oz

Chef inspired. Source of omega 3's & protein. Wild caught & sustainably harvested in America. Scrumptious seafood anywhere anytime! Ready to eat in 3 min. Cooks in the pouch. Fish & sauce inside! Feeds one hungry person. Mother nature got it right. Wild Pacific salmon freshly poached and swimming in a fine light cream sauce of dill and sweet onions grown on Northwest farms, with capers and a splash of Cooper Mtn. Chardonnay. Bottoms up. Our seafood is sustainably harvested, rigorously tested, & a source of omega-3's & proteins. Just real food. Certified B Corporation. Drop us a line! At fishpeoples. Hashtag befishy. Ready to eat. Poaches in the pouch! Meet the fishermen and farmers! Enter this 7-digit batch No. on our website to learn the juicy truth about what's in here. Wild caught and cooked in America.