Yogi Meditative Time Tea

Supports tranquility. Center yourself with relaxed mind. In this harmonious blend we combine Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic root that promotes balance and helps the body adapt to stress, with aromatic Lavender and Sage to calm and soothe your mind. Sit back and enjoy a cup of Relaxed Mind tea to bring you to a state of tranquility. Yoga for clarity of mind. Lie flat on your stomach with arms by your sides, palms up. Turn the head to the side. Eyes are gently closed; breath is soft and normal. Totally and completely relax. Please ask your doctor if this exercise is suitable for you. Yogi Principles: We blend with intention. Our flavorful teas are created to support body and mind. We believe in the synergistic benefit of herbs, combining ingredients to enhance their wellness-supporting potential. We blend the best of what nature has to offer using the finest spices and botanicals from around the globe. Certified B Corporation.