Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry Herbal Tea

Blending herbs, art and inspiration. Since 1969. Black Cherry Berry: Rreminiscent of bright red fruit punch we drank as children, this nostalgic blend combines a burst of cherry and berry flavors with tart, ruby-red hibiscus and other herbs. It's delicious hot and a luscious little taste of summer over ice. Charlie Baden. Charlie Baden, Celestial Seasonings Blendmaster. The Story of Celestial Seasonings: Back in 1969, we started picking herbs from the fields and forests of the rocky mountains and in the process, we created America’s very first herbal tea. Still blended in Boulder by our expert Blendmaster, our uniquely delicious teas are made with the finest ingredients, passion and inspiration. He who likes cherries soon learns to climb! -German Proverb.