Evolution Fresh Organic Super Green Juice

With other ingredients. Orange. Mango. Apple. Pineapple. Raspberry. Spirulina. No sugar added. Cold-pressed. Never heated. Juice & more. Made from the Goodness of: oranges = 1-2/5; mango = 2/3; apple = 3/4; pineapple = 1/6; raspberries = 28; spirulina = pinch; chlorella = pinch; wheat grass = snip; barley grass = snip; dulse = snip. We believe in following nature's lead. We're not taking credit for what's been perfected, just making it a little easier to get. You deserve to drink something you feel good about, because it makes you feel good. Here's to your vibrant energy - it's your time to thrive! - Jimmy, founder, Evolution Fresh. High-pressure processed. 100% juice. Not a low-calorie food. See nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content. evolutionfresh.com.