Organic Valley Org Grass Fed Skim Milk

New! 100% Grass-fed. No grain. Vitamin A & D. Ultra pasteurized. We never use: synthetic hormones; toxic pesticides; antibiotics; GMOs. All grass. No grain. Independently certified from farm to carton. This is grass-fed you can trust. Organic and farmer-owned since 1988. What makes Grassmilk milk so special? A dairy cow's diet makes a big difference in how her milk tastes. All our Grassmilk products are made with milk from cows that are certified grass-fed and never fed any grain. The result is a deliciously creamy milk that reflects where it comes from - lush organic pastures. Always handle with care. Certified Grass-Fed Nutrition: Our Grassmilk cows' grass-fed, no-grain diet is third party certified and results in delicious, naturally nutritious milk. 57 Quality Checks: We ensure, along with third-party verification, that our milk arrives to you tasting as fresh as it can be. Always Organic and Non-GMO: We never use: GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic hormones. Humane Animal Practices: Our organic animal care focuses on holistic health practices, including daily doses of sunshine, fresh air and pasture. Keeping Chemicals Out of Your Food: We believe our farms, our food and our families shouldn't be chemistry experiments. The Gretebecks are one of our family farms producing l00% grass-fed dairy across the country. From our family farms to you, distributed by our farmer-owned cooperative.