Once Again Organic Sunflower Hemp Butter

Employee favorite Derek shipping. Founded in 1976. Nearly 40 years ago, four baby raccoons were found on the factory grounds. Our Once Again employees adopted them, raised them on nut butter, and named one Rocky-Roo. That's me! Delicious Ingredients: Roasted organically grown sunflower seeds are milled smooth with organic hemp oil and salt and lightly sweetened to create our sunflower seed butter with hemp oil. How We Got Our Name: Our founders (a husband-and-wife team) were Once Again living and starting a business in New York, and hence we became, Once Again. Honest-in-Trade. Please recycle glass jars. Honest-in-Trade: Honest-in-Trade is the name of our sustainability program. Learn more at www.honestintrade.com. 100% employee-owned.