Om Mushroom Master Blend

20 day supply. Superfood beta glucans. For optimal performance & vibrant health. Daily boost capsules. Adaptogen Powerhouse: Supercharge your daily health with this curated blend of 10 species of US grown, whole food mushroom powder, plus organic Reishi whole food extract standardized to 35% beta glucans. Also included are botanical adaptogens to help further manage occasional stress, inflammation, and support immune health, cognitive health and energy levels. It's a powerful master blend for vibrant health. Mental health. Gut health. Immune defense. Natural energy. Manage stress. Detox support. We grow our Om. We grow a diverse range of mushroom species at our indoor farm in California and capture the complete nutritional value of the growing cycle. Whole food mushrooms are important because they provide a full spectrum of active compounds to support optimal health. Whole food nutrition. Beta glucans and prebiotics. Tested for heavy metals.