Nordic Naturals Probiotic Max Care

High-intensity support for digestive and immune wellness. 90 Billion CFU (Minimum colony-forming units (CFU) at time of manufacturing). 11 Probiotic strains. Nordic Flora Maximum Care is a blend of eleven probiotic strains providing high CFU support for a healthy immune response and optimal intestinal function. With 90 billion CFU in just one capsule, this high-quality probiotic helps alleviate digestive discomfort and supports regularity. Additionally, this formula provides prebiotic FOS to promote probiotic viability and support beneficial microbes naturally present in the gut. Third-party tested for purity and potency. Nordic Naturals products are never sold under any store brand. Third-party purity tested. Research-supported strains. One capsule serving - 90 billion CFU. Digestive Health - Supports intestinal comfort and regularity. Immune Health - Promotes a healthy immune response. Please recycle this container.