Munk Pack Keto Almond Bttr Chocolate Bar

Chewy & delicious. Plant based. Allulose is a sweetener found naturally in small amounts in maple syrup, figs and raisins. Our source is produced from non-bioengineered corn. Allulose has virtually no impact on blood sugar and insulin. Your world is what you make it. Choose your adventure. Take chances. Fuel your life. Our goal through Munk Pack is to empower you to lead an active, well-balanced lifestyle. We see a world where happiness is cultivated by connecting with nature and taking good care of your body. Enjoy! Almond Butter Cocoa Chip: How do you make almond butter even more delicious? By adding cocoa chips of course! These yummy ingredients are well paired in our chewy almond butter cocoa chip Keto granola bar, making it easier (and tastier) than ever to conquer your nutritional goals on the go. Please recycle this carton after use.