Marys Gone Kookies Honey Graham Style Snack

Skrumptious! Plant-based. Honey: Fantastically floral honey meets toasty grain krunchiness. Kaptivatingly krunchy meets bee-friendly honey. We may be famous for snacktastically savory crackers, but we've got a sweet tooth too! Our decadently delectable graham-style Kookies are plant-based, organic and gluten-free with subtle hints of clover honey and maple sugar. Plant based: Ingredients in our snacks are sourced from plants. Passionately, unabashedly & irrationally obsessive about Krispy, krunchy snacks. Please recycle. Save the Bee: To make these tasty treats even more enjoyable, we source our honey from GloryBee-the family-owned business that started Save the Bee to protect Earth's precious pollinators. We even donate a portion of our sales to support its mission, making every bite of our Kookies a sweet deed for the planet!