Just Peachy Sparkling Wine

Natural peach flavor. Refreshing bubbly. Just Peachy France: In an ancient language the word Airen means perfect love. It is the Airen grape that is used to produce this wonderfully refreshing and tantalizing bubbly wine product. The result of pressing this grape is a clear wine with golden highlight that glistens delicately in your glass. The natural peach flavor infused into this bottle creates an aroma of mature peach fruit on the nose and subtle elegance on the palate. The blend of peach flavor, effervescence, and just the right amount of sweetness truly is perfect love, Just Peachy adds fun to your appetizers and makes your salads come alive. Just Peachy is also wonderful to drink on its own. Serve chilled. 6% alc by vol. 12 Bottled by Emb 13103L. Produced in France.