Hu Organic Baking Dark Chocolate

Get back to human. 3 Simple Ingredients: Organic cacao. Organic unrefined coconut sugar. Organic cocoa butter. Chocolate chips. No weird ingredients. Ever. Hu was born in 2012 as a restaurant called Hu Kitchen, and our bakers back then needed a delicious baking chocolate that met our UltraSimple ingredient rules. But we just couldn't find one. So we decided to create our own. A baking chocolate with no dairy, refined sugar, cane sugar, sugar alcohols (like erythritol), or lecithins - all without sacrificing taste. So bake your little hearts our with a chip that finally unites unbeatable flavor with unmatched ingredient simplicity. - Jordan & Jessica. Sibling Co-Founders. Certified Fair Trade by FLOCert. Fairtrade Cocoa: Mass balance is used to match Fairtrade sourcing, total 70%. Visit