Mrs Meyers Basil Liquid Hand Soap

Hardworking homekeeping. Aromatherapeutic household products. Creating clean and happy homes since 2001. Tough on dirt and grime. Gentle on your home. Basil has a cool, crisp scent that is uplifting & grounding, exotic and familiar - all at once. This fresh inviting herb is such a unique fragrant gift from a happy garden. Household Hint: To make sure hands are clean, wash them for at least 30 seconds with warm soapy water. Be sure to suds up around the wrists and lower arms, too! We make effective, trusted formulas. Made with (Learn about these and other ingredients at plant-derived cleaning ingredients, essential oils, aloe vera extract, glycerin, olive oil. Made Without: Parabens & phthalates, MEA & DEA, Artificial colors. Contents are biodegradable. Cruelty free. Contents are biodegradable.