Xlear Max Nasal Spray

Drug-free. Max with capsicum. Natural saline. With xylitol. For severe sinus pressure, allergies and congestion. Maximum relief. Healthcare professionals worldwide recommend Xlear nasal sprays to their patients. Xlear Max Nasal Spray Contains the natural ingredient capsicum known for its fast-acting relief of nasal and sinus congestion, and sinus pressure. Xlear Max also has aloe vera to soothe irritated tissues. The addition of xylitol safely makes the solution hypertonic, allowing it to reduce tissue swelling without the use of steroids. Xylitol also moisturizes and protects delicate nasal tissues. Xlear Max effectively alleviates even the most severe cases of congestion and opens up the airway so you can breathe easily again. Relief for seasonal sinus conditions. Xlear Max Benefits: Alleviates sinus pressure and congestion due to: allergies, pollen, and post nasal drip. Cleans and moisturizes. Breathe better in minutes. Frontal sinus. Sphenoid sinus. Ethmoid sinus. Maxillary sinus. Whether you are suffering from congestion due to allergies, hay fever, flu, a cold or airborne irritants and pollutants, the Xlear Sinus Care System has the right product for you. 35% increase in airflow.