Henna for Gray Dark Brown 7 Oz.

Pure botanical hair color. Cruelty free. No synthetic chemicals. Safe, natural hair color. Effective & economical. 2 step process for hair more than 10% white, gray, or blonde. USDA organic. No animal testing. No animal ingredients. Complete application kit. Light Mountain Natural Shade: Dark Brown: Your Natural Hair Color: Light Blonde: medium brown. Med Blonde: rich brown. Dark Blonde: rich golden brown. Red: warm auburn. Light Brown: warm brown. Med Brown: warm copper brown. Dark Brown: deep brown. Black: medium black. Individual results will vary. If your hair is very porous, dry, damaged or overly permed, the only recommended shade for you to use is Neutral from our original Light Mountain Natural hair color & conditioner line. Money back guarantee. Not to exceed the manufacturer suggested retail price. Shipping and handling not included. Return if not completely satisfied. No harsh peroxide or ammonia. Illustrated instructions. Includes cap & gloves. Our Dark Brown hair color contains only pure botanicals and nothing else. Includes cap, gloves and illustrated instructions. For consistent results use distilled water. Certified organic by International Certification Services, Inc. www.Light-Mountain-Hair-Color.com.