Garden of Life Collagen Multisourced Unflav

12 servings. Skin, hair, nails & joints. Estimated Minimum Fill: The density of the powdered ingredients in this product naturally vary from lot to lot and require space in the container at the time of packaging. Over time the powders settle, causing the container to appear less full than when it was Fist packaged. This product is sold by weight and not by volume. Skin elasticity. Strong nails & Strong nails. Joints & mobility. Wild Caught & Grass Fed: Our multi-sourced collagen combines premium wild caught marine & grass fed bovine collagen peptides. Flavorless, odorless and mixes well with any food or beverage. 20 g collagen + hyaluronic acid + 1 billion CFU probiotics. shake with water. Mix in coffee. Blend in smoothies. USE in baking. No added hormones or antibiotics. A Carbon Neutral Product: Certified. Green-e: Certified renewable energy. We buy 100% Certified Renewable Energy. Certified B Corporation.