Four Sigmatic Protein With Superfoods Creamy Cacao

Made with real cacao. New look. Nourish & de-stress. Plant-based. A daily scoop of Organic Protein helps support: Sustained energy and satiation; Relief of mild stress & relaxation; Immune health. Not your average protein powder. 18 g (per serving) plant-based protein. Real organic cacao powder. 1,000 mg (per serving) chaga, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail and lion's mane fruiting body extract. 500 mg ashwagandha and eleuthero extracts. Plant-based and tastes great. With more than 10 years of experience scooping 100 million servings in 60+ countrues, we've perfected more than just protein. Made with real plant-based proteins plus immune-boosting adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and organic vanilla, FourSigmatic protein powder packs a nourishing punch. True to our Finnish roots, we use organic, wildcrafted or log-grown mushroom extracts from the fruiting body (A.K.A. the real mushroom), not mycelium or filler grains. Please recycle.