Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Mushroom Blend

New look. Organic Mushroom Blend with 1500 mg powerful adaptogens (per serving). Stress relief + cognitive support. No sugar. No fillers. Plant-based. A daily scoop of Four Sigmatic Balance helps support: Stabilized temporary stress levels. Sense of calm. Brain health and memory. Your blend for balanced mood. With more than 10 years of experience scooping 100 million servings in 60+ countries, we've thoughtfully curated this concentrated, caffeine-free blend of powerful adaptogens to transform your daily coffee, tea, smoothie, or soup into a stress-relieving elixir. True to our Finnish roots, we only use organic adaptogens that are carefully extracted and blended at a functional dose of feel-good benefits. It's a source of calm in every scoop. Please recycle.