Cafe Spice Chicken Vindaloo

Made with no antibiotic ever! Humanely raised chicken. Artisan Indian cuisine. Welcome to Cafe Spice, a collection of culinary creations from around the world. With roots in India, we are passionate about our food - especially authentic, spirited, and savory flavors. Our modern day Vindaloo balances sweet, sour and spicy tastes, featuring tender chicken and potatoes simmered in an onion-tomato Vindaloo sauce with vinegar, fresh ginger, and spices. Served with a side of Basmati Lemon Rice this classic Indian meal is sure to spice things up! Taste the Cafe Spice difference. Chicken humanely raised - No antibiotics ever! Made with real ingredients. No artificial colors, preservatives or additives - ever! Authentic Indian recipe inspired by our celebrated chef, Hari Nayak. Microwaveable. Global Animal Partnership Step 2. Enriched Environment. Certified to Global Animal Partnership Standards by EarthClaims, LLC. Recyclable.