Coolhaus Bananas Foster Ice Cream

Banana ice cream, rum, dulce de leche swirl. About This Flavor: Upon a visit to one of the all-time great restaurants in New Orleans, and the country, Commander's Palace, we became inspired to turn their Bananas Foster dessert, which was originally created there, into an addictive ice cream flavor. Besides our obsession with this dessert, we are huge fans of pioneering restaurant and co-founder of Commander's Palace, Ella Brennan. We were almost moved to tears when our Bananas Foster pint was given a shout out in the 'Commanding the Table' documentary about her! This is super premium, indulgent ice cream. Born & raised in LA, our story. How did I get here? - Once in a lifetime, the talking heads. Good questions. In 2008, we had a quarter life crisis amidst the recession. We started baking cookies and churning ice cream (obvi), and naming the combos punnily after architects for comic relief at our architecture and real estate offices as everyone was getting laid off. We bough an un-drive-able ice cream truck on Craigslist, and masterminded triple A to tow us our first event. We saw an opportunity because nobody had re-invented the bus and nobody was selling hand-crafted, unique ice cream at supermarkets. As food truck and artisanal ice cream pioneers, we dove in and never looked back. Born in LA but coming to a galaxy near you. - Natasha & Freya, Owners & Founders.