Caboo Bamboo Napkins

Serve up a better world. Zero trees cut, one tree planted. 1 planet earth. Absorbent lunch napkins. Cleans up messes big and small. Caboo napkins are as soft and strong as regular napkins. And way better for the earth. Caboo Napkins: No wood: tree free! Bamboo regrows in 1-2 years Bamboo needs 30% less water than trees to grow. Versus. Tree Paper Napkins: Tree paper = forest loss. Trees take 30 years to grow. Tree farming and paper production are water hogs. Toxin free. You can help preserve North America's forests. Every day, North America's old growth forests are cut down for paper products. Tree free napkins help preserve forests and protect animal habitat. Wise choice! The forest thanks you. Once old growth forests are gone, they're gone for good. You can't replant an ecosystem. Thank you for being a friend. You're a dear. Made from plants bio-based wrap. Outer wrap made from plants, not petroleum. FSC: 100% bamboo from well managed forests. Compostable. Plant Based LDPE: Check locally for bag & wrap drop-off sites. No animal testing. Made from panda friendly bamboo. Your purchase supports Caboo Planet Re-Leaf: 0 trees cut, 1 tree planted. For more info, visit