Amber Alt 6 X 12 Oz.

Hidden among 1,500 square miles of the Juneau Ice Field, the pristine waters of Alaska's Inside Passage and the bear-lined shores of Admiralty Island, Alaskan Brewing Company quietly brews some of the world's most award-winning beer in Juneau, Alaska. Like the land that inspires it, Alaskan Amber is anything but ordinary. The same can be said of those who drink it. John Fehringer is a renowned Pacific Northwest artist. He captures in this image the spirit of the fishing vessel, Caribou, as the sun sets on another day at sea in Alaska's Inside Passage. Alaskan Coastal Life: There are no roads connecting this remote coastal community to the Lower 48 or even the rest of the state. Everything must travel by air or sea. Oceangoing vessels, from fishing trollers to small skiffs, are a common sight as they travel the icy waters of southeast Alaska. Each evening fishermen from all walks of life return to a safe harbor and close the day with a cold Alaskan amber. Brewed & bottled in Juneau, Alaska.