La Perla 8" Flour Tortillas

A family tradition. Est. 1999. Autentica Mexicana. The La Perla Story: Jose Payan Sr., A native of the Mexican state of Morelos, and his wife Noemi, born in Puerto Rico, came to Minneapolis, In 1993 with five children and number six on the way. Together they worked long hours at low-wage job after low-wage job to support their family until they took a roll of the dice and began peddling an unlikely product: fresh corn tortillas. The Payan family started their own tradition with La Perla (The Pearl). While most family traditions are typically closely held, La Pala hopes to share the tradition that a meal is not complete without a tortilla on your plate. The pearl, by definition, is thought to give wisdom through experience. It is referred to as the perfect gem and as a tear of God. It is also thought to quicken engagement and love as well as keep children safe. Today, each La Perla tortilla is crafted with the wisdom and experience of traditional Mexican family recipes that have been passed down for over 5 generations. It is with great pride that each tortilla, much like the pearl, is viewed as a perfect gem. You may think that referring to a tortilla as a perfect gem or a tear of God may be a stretch, but all you have to do is start your own tradition of La Perla tortillas at every meal. You may be surprised by the outcome. Tel: 612-728-5444. Tel: 612-724-1134.